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At a time when the average American house has exploded in size, some people are building small. As in tool-shed small. Treehouse-small.

They have spawned a movement called “small house” or “tiny house.”

The movement is fueled by a less-is-more ideology that is part environmental (less fossil fuel), part economic (less money) and part simplicity (less stuff)

I do make tiny houses for people and also have my own tiny house. I can consult on any tiny house questions or help with your existing build.

If you would like to make a consulting appointment please check my tiny house consulting  page

Modern Tiny House in Omaha Nebraska in Omaha

Cabin in Omaha, United States. Brand New Tiny house A modern tiny house that is all your own. Very comfortable and conveniently located in central Omaha, in the middle of it all! Have you heard of the tiny house movement. No? Yes? Either way you will love this space. Modern,... View all listings in Omaha

  • The #1 Question I Get Is….

    HOW MUCH? How much does a brown house cost? You said you like the idea of living off grid… Think about how much that alone would cost you as well as having to have a spot for water containment and graywater. Its the not the house that cost money its the insulation, the heater, air conditioning, composting toilet, all the appliances etc…. Depending on design......

  • new_tinyhouse_trailer

    Back in the tiny saddle again

    After nearly 2 years, I have sold the current tiny house and will be building a new one, I purchased the trailer over the past weekend and will be starting right away on the new tiny house. This one will be more modern and I will take what I learned on the old one and make some changes to the new one. Im pretty excited......

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    In the local paper

    Everything you need sits inside Jamie Hiner’s “tiny house.” Minifridge under the kitchen counter. Shower behind the hallway pocket door. Queen-size bed in the loft above....

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