The #1 Question I Get Is….


How much does a brown house cost?

You said you like the idea of living off grid… Think about how much that alone would cost you as well as having to have a spot for water containment and graywater. Its the not the house that cost money its the insulation, the heater, air conditioning, composting toilet, all the appliances etc…. Depending on design your windows could also be a major expense.

These houses might be tiny but they cost more per square foot because you are putting a livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, all in one tiny space. If it was just four walls and a roof it would be cheap.

Sorry to rant, I get that question a lot and everyone wants one, but when they find out the prices they tend to move on, disappear or go real quiet. You can usually see in their face the “no way it cost that much” expression.

That being said, it cost me around $**,000 to build this last tiny house, but that does not include my time, and this is not a live-in tiny house, it’s more of a summer cabin or guest house for a few nights stay, not a full kitchen, not full of other amenities .

Im actually very very reasonable compared to others out there

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