So you want to build your own tiny house or have questions about the tiny house movement. Maybe you are currently building a tiny house and need help with something in your design that isn’t working out. This is where my years of tiny house construction and research can help you. I offer tiny house consultation and therapy. Spend an hour on the phone or schedule a in person consult, either at your place or mine.

Below are the options I provide. If you have something else in mind contact me and lets talk.

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Personal Conference Call Consultation

Over the phone and online conference call. Not local, this option is for you. I will set up a online conference call that you can call into and see my computer screen to share anything or ideas. There is also the option to record the call so that you can save the consult for your records.


In Person Consultation

Meet with me in person and talk about whatever you want. Do you have some questions or need help with your tiny house plans. We can meet at my location or I will travel up to 20 miles to your location.


Overnight Stay and 1 Hour Consultation

Stay in the newest tiny house over night and spend an hour with me going over tiny house stuff or answering any questions you might have. Once purchased we will determine a day that works for the both of us.



I have yet to speak to a group of people or at a conference, but that doesnt mean I wont. I will come speak at your event or lunch and tell my story about the tiny house movement. Answer any questions during the Q and A etc..


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